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    my boss got it in her head that we need to disable netbios on our network, her rationale being that dns can handle the browsing. i got no problem with that. so, per the attached screenshot, she did just that. this has caused a few problems, and rather than put it back and research it, she wants to leave it and have me research it. the problems are:

    1) none of our local clients (all xp sp2) can browse the network, although we can map.

    2) i now have to use the fqdn when adding pc’s to the domain. ( as opposed to xyz).

    3) we have a linux nas that is now completely unaccessible from any windows box, although it is accessible from our macs.

    i’m sure there’s a bazillion details about our network that you’ll all ask. i just want to point out that before this one change, everything was copesetic (more or less).

    anyone have any advice on how my boss can keep her change but give the rest of the company our functionality back?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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