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    Hello Everyone!
    I am hoping that someone here can help me! I have been brought into this little project mid-way through so I might be lacking in some information. If there is any information needed please let me know. Our objective is to add a universal Security group from to a universal security group in

    1. There are two seperate forests (We are trying to authenticate to just individual domains within these forests) We have set up a two way domain trust between and The trust is an external trust that is NOT transitive.
    2. We have set up stub DNS zones in each domain for the other domains, the DNS seems to have populated properly and we are able to ping resources by name from to
    3. We are able to use Active Directory Users and Computers to view all OU’s Groups users etc etc in each domain.
    4. Both the Domain and Forest Function levels are Windows Server 2003

    When we try to add to the GUI utility can ONLY see the Local groups! As far as I knew Local groups should be invisible to external forests. I have tried the suggestions listed herewith no luck. I would greatly appreciate any assistance that anyone can offer. Please let me know if any further information is available. Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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