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    I did a new install of 2003 server and made it the sole DC (for now) of
    a new forest and domain. I did another new install of 2003 server and
    joined it to the new domain as a member server. I created a test file
    share on each server (the DC and the member server). The two shares
    have identical filesystem and share permissions. Both file shares work
    normally from a workstation that has been joined to the domain.

    However, when I use a workstation that is NOT yet part of the domain, I
    can only access the share on the DC. Trying to access the share on the
    member server results in continuous prompts for credentials.

    – I am using a local account on the non-domain-member workstation
    who’s user/pass is identical to that of a valid domain user.
    – The non-domain workstation has the netbios version of the domain
    name set for its workgroup membership.
    – I can log in using the user/pass to the local console of the member
    server, so that tells me the member server is getting the needed AD
    – I have not yet raised the domain or forest functional levels.

    I’m guessing there is a setting in the ‘Default Domain Controller’ gpo
    that allows non-domain computers to connect using NTLM. Unfortunately I
    can’t find the right security setting. I even tried linking that gpo
    against the member server, but I still couldn’t connect to it.

    We’ve already rescheduled our deployment of Windows 2003 (migrating
    from Netware) once due to this problem, and I think I’ve exhausted all
    my ideas to solve it. I hope somebody out there knows which knob to
    twist. ;)

    Thanks in advance!

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