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    Hi guys i am new around and i really need your help
    everything is happening in a lab environment
    2 days ago i deplyed my first exch 2007 server, a single server solution without a relay(front end) server, with a pubic ip address and everything worked fine, i was able to send and receive emails fron the internet and OWA also worked( after configuring the connectors of course)
    Next i said to go ahead to the next scenario:
    – an exchange server( in a local domain let-s call it local.local so the machine name dc.lcoal.local
    – a machine in DMZ with 2 netw carsds one public adress, and the other one, here a domain i have used 2 days ago let;’s call it global .global
    so fqdn :
    this mail machine is doing nat, done the virtual smtp server configuration on it, did the connectors on the exchange machine but the problem is that i can not send emails ….in the internet( works locally) and i can receive mails from the internet…
    Please help, i am testing it because in a few days i have to do a implementation this way+isa2006 on the machine in DMZ

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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