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    I currently have a Hyper-v Server on W2K8S which has 3 physical NICS (Nic A, B and C).
    I’ve created a child partition with ISA Server 2004 and have configured NICs B and C
    for this server, NIC B is configured for external connectivity to the Internet and NIC C for
    connectivity to the LAN.
    NIC A and C plug into the physical LAN switch.
    If I disconnect the cable from A then the parent will still be able to access the Internet
    because the A will attach to the Virtual Switch created within Hyper-V.

    However I want to know how to create a seperate EXTERNAL Virtual Switch for NIC A, so that it does not
    BIND to the virtual Switch that NIC B and C use ?
    So in short, is it possible to have two or more EXTERNAL virtual switches and how does one specify
    which NIC each virtual Switch can attach too. Any detailed information would be appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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