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Batch file issue

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    Hi All

    We are having an issue with mapping drives in group policy on windows 7 machines.

    The batch file has a number of drives to map but not all drives will map due to permissions. If the batch file gets to 1 where the users does not have permissions, instead of bypassing that drive it then never seems to complete and any further drives don’t get mapped.

    If I run the file manually it asked for user name for the failed mapping then never goes any further.

    How do I get the script to continue if the user does not have permissions

    eg mapping

    net use H: “\SRV1terms & conditions”
    net use V: “\VISUALFILESsos”
    net use P: “\SRV1probate”
    net use O: “\srv1Legal Forms”

    Any help here would be great, thanks


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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