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    Lately, i have been having these BAD_ADDRESS(es) on our DHCP server and i am not sure what triggers it to happen. i dont know if it is something wrong with our dhcp or else. For this problem, if i reserved an IP address for this device then it would go away for a couple of weeks then it would start again on a different machine. Let me know if you ever ran into this problem before. I really appreciate your time. TIA.

    In the Address Leases on the DHCP, the unique id for these BAD_ADDRESS(es) are showing something like this ‘6701a8c0’. it is not a valid MAC address.
    The sequence of request and update is really confusing me. The ip addresses on the BAD_ADDRESS lines are not pingable and no device in our network had those IPs during this time.

    here is a piece of the dhcp log.

    24,08/27/18,02:25:33,Database Cleanup Begin,,,,,0,6,,,,,,,,,0
    25,08/27/18,02:25:33,0 leases expired and 0 leases deleted,,,,,0,6,,,,,,,,,0
    25,08/27/18,02:25:33,0 leases expired and 0 leases deleted,,,,,0,6,,,,,,,,,0
    30,08/27/18,02:25:39,DNS Update Request,,,,,0,6, ,,,,,,,,0
    10,08/27/18,02:25:39,Assign,,CONFPC.DOMAINNAME .com,PC-MACADDRESS,,122985220,0,,,,0x4D53465420352E30,MSFT 5.0,,,,0
    32,08/27/18,02:25:39,DNS Update Successful,,,,,0 ,6,,,,,,,,,0
    30,08/27/18,02:25:39,DNS Update Request,,CONFPC,,,,0,6, ,,,,,,,,0
    13,08/27/18,02:25:39,Conflict,,BAD_ADDRESS,,,0 ,6,,,,,,,,,0
    32,08/27/18,02:25:39,DNS Update Successful,,,,,0 ,6,,,,,,,,,0
    30,08/27/18,02:25:52,DNS Update Request,,,,,0,6, ,,,,,,,,0
    10,08/27/18,02:25:52,Assign,,CONFPC.DOMAINNAME .com,PC-MACADDRESS,,641243928,0,,,,0x4D53465420352E30,MSFT 5.0,,,,0
    32,08/27/18,02:25:53,DNS Update Successful,,,,,0 ,6,,,,,,,,,0
    30,08/27/18,02:26:09,DNS Update Request,,,,,0,6, ,,,,,,,,0
    13,08/27/18,02:26:09,Conflict,,BAD_ADDRESS,,,0 ,6,,,,,,,,,0
    32,08/27/18,02:26:09,DNS Update Successful,,,,,0 ,6,,,,,,,,,0
    30,08/27/18,02:26:19,DNS Update Request,,,,,0,6, ,,,,,,,,0
    10,08/27/18,02:26:19,Assign,,CONFPC.DOMAINNAME .com,PC-MACADDRESS,,2953808784,0,,,,0x4D53465420352E30,MSF T 5.0,,,,0
    32,08/27/18,02:26:20,DNS Update Successful,,,,,0 ,6,,,,,,,,,0
    24,08/27/18,02:30:35,Database Cleanup Begin,,,,,0,6,,,,,,,,,0
    25,08/27/18,02:30:35,0 leases expired and 0 leases deleted,,,,,0,6,,,,,,,,,0

    DOMAINNAME: our network domain name
    The above sequence is from one pc (CONFPC).
    OS: Windows Server 2012 R2

    Thanks again.

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