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Avaya 1152A2 DPU – which port is the uplink?

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    Have the mother of all problems.

    Telephony scenario is this:

    > Avaya IP 500 Server System

    > 2 x Avaya 1152A2 DPU’s

    > Avaya POE IP phones

    Problem: all the patch cables between the patch panels and switches were pulled out and replaced with new cables. Unfortunately this also included patch cables connecting the Avaya 1152A2 DPU’s to the data switches/Avaya IP 500 Server System. And we don’t know how they were connected (the guy pulling the cables out did not take note of which ports were in use by the DPU’s themselves).

    So now the phones don’t work, showing the error ‘No Ethernet’.

    DHCP on the Avaya IP 500 Server System was tested via a laptop, it’s definitely offering DHCP addresses for lease.

    However, no matter how the DPU’s are connected to the data switches or even to the IP 500 itself, it isn’t reaching the phones.

    My question is, what is the normal port to use to connect:

    > an Avaya 1152A2 DPU to the data network

    Also, should the two Avaya 1152A2 DPU’s be connected to each other, or should they each separately connect to the data switch?

    There is only a serial port on the DPU’s, is there any way to connect and bypass any password? This kit was deployed a team long gone, who left nothing by way of documentation.

    We’ve tried connecting the lan cable from the IP 500 into various ports on the DPU’s but still can’t get an ip address.

    Obviously somewhere there is a break in the connection, but where?

    Any advice would be welcome, particularly uplink port details on these DPU’s and if the serial port can be used to access the config of the DPU’s when we don’t have a password.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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