Antivirus exceptions and SBS 2008 (and any other Windows Server for that matter)

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    I’ve slogged through numerous KB articles and blog posts to compile a list of all the antivirus exceptions that are recommended specifically for SBS 2008 and also for the individual components that SBS 2008 Standard includes (anyone interested in seeing it?). However, a thought occurred to me as I was putting these exclusions into my antivirus software: What if virus writers place their nefarious files in those exclusion places? Real time scanning should detect malware if it’s executed of course. Also, the SBS machine is used sparingly and therefore has a reduced possibility for infection. However, I’d like to know what everyone else does for antivirus on their SBS machines and even their non SBS servers as well.

    Just to clarify, I’m speaking of file based antivirus. Not Exchange or Sharepoint level antivirus. I do use an Exchange level scanner. However, I haven’t ventured into Sharepoint antivirus yet.

    If you install SQL Server do you make the proper file based antivirus exceptions? If you have an IIS box? Sharepoint? Even for DNS/DHCP servers? Or do you just let the A/V do what it does without bothering with exceptions?

    There are varied opinions bandied about, but I’d like to get a healthy discussion going if possible.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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