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    Hello all,

    Currently our 5 site network (setup by someone who we no longer do business with) was configured this way…

    Corp Office – Netvanta 7100 (VOIP, VPN, Switch)

    Each of the 5 remote offices – Cisco ASA 5505

    Each remote location has a VPN back to the Corp Office which carries the VOIP and Network traffic. Problem….our T1 at the corp office doesn’t have enough bandwidth and the netvanta is maxed out on VPN tunnels.

    We ordered another internet connection with a static IP to try to alleviate the bandwidth issue, but i just can’t get it to work. I’m starting over from scratch today. I have another ASA 5505 at the corporate office. Should I terminate my remote site VPNs onto it and then setup another VPN between the asa and the netvanta?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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