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    I’ve was having ADMT v3 problems with not able to resolve dc dns problems. I fixed that, but now i get this error:

    [Object Migration Section]
    2006-02-01 16:33:25 Starting Account Replicator.
    2006-02-01 16:33:26 Removing CN=aaguilar

    (LDAP://,OU=class,DC=servdc,DC=AD,DC=COM) from the global groups it is a member of :
    2006-02-01 16:33:26 ERR2:7422 Failed to move source object ‘CN=aaguilar’.

    hr=0x800720f4 The replication operation failed.
    2006-02-01 16:33:26 Operation completed.

    Now it looks like its starting replication , but why it fails i don’t know.

    I thuoght perhaps permission issue, but
    using a member server of destination domain with the login account that is being used for ADMT transfer, I can:

    from source dc I can map \destinationdcc$
    from destination dc i can map \sourcedcc$

    from destination DC, I can access AD of source dc and delete test user account

    from source DC, I can access AD of destination dc and delete test user account.

    Seems like enough permission to me, so i’m stumped as to this error is telling me.

    any help would be great.

    I am using ADMT V3. The source and destination DC both have secondary DNS zones for each other. I am able to resolve their netbios name and FQDN dns name. So this shouldn’t be a DNS problem, I think.

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