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    I have one query regarding addrss book.
    Current scenario is users are using exchange 2007. Now all users have email ids for example [email protected]. Now when any user within organization wants to send mail to other user in same organization he doesn’t have to type whole email id of user, he types just user’s name and send mail as email address is taken through global address book.
    Now all users in “ABC”.com are migrated to “PQR”.com now organization “PQR” is using Microsoft’s SSO (Single Sign On) services for mail solution. as all users now will have email id [email protected] .
    Now problem is when users were in they were able to send mail to each other even if they dont know everyone’s mail id and by just knowing user’s name. But when they are migrated to they can not use this facility to communicate with user’s in
    What can be done to get all address in user’s address book so they can use their email as they were using it in previous mail id.

    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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