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    after reading that with the iomega storage… very bad…
    i have to share what a fun i have with this raid card…

    hardware adaptec 2410sa raid card.
    connected to a supermicro storage server
    2 sata 80GB mirror for OS
    and 4 sata 500GB WD raid edition24/7 HDD’s for raid 5 (only this drives are on the adapted card)

    ok and here is the story.

    after copying hours data to the new storage server… i monitored the write speed.. the raid 5 writes at 50MB’s + – per second… every thing seems normal.. for a week :-) on morning the storage performance is going down so i check it and i found out that the adaptec card is writing at 1MB’s per second… checking and testing nothing helps…
    i take the disk out from the raid and test every disk… write speed is ok 50 MB;s per second… so card is crap… i call the vendor and he replaces the card… again same story copying hours data… and i am back online 50 MB’s per second write speed… 1 and a half week later the new the card shows the same symptoms… performance drops down to 1 mb’s per second…

    my conclusion is that THIS ADAPTEC CARD 2410sa is CRAP :evil:

    and next week i will test a promise card… i think thats the name…

    Question to Admins and moderators….

    maybe we can open a list or some sticky post with crap and good hardware :-) ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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