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AD replication issue.

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    I’ve new client with two DC’s.
    Old sbs2008 ( I know!)- FSMO holder and new S2016 server. Last Friday they problem to access data and issue with password. I was sure that this was related to dns issue. However, when I logon to both DC’s I’ve more serious issue.
    SBS server I not replicating with new DC ( S2016 ).
    I’ve found this log in SBS server
    “If a domain controller has not replicated with its partner for longer than a tombstone lifetime, it is possible that a lingering object problem exists Event ID 2042”
    As I found out. Once new server has been connected. They just switch off sbs without transferring FSMO and performing proper dc promo and they use 2016 to create AD object etc.

    At this moment I’ve two DC’s that are completely out of sync.
    FSMO ( sbs2008) holder that is completely out dated and new DC ( server 2016) that has all latest AD updates but is not FSMO role holder.
    I just wonder if you could advice that my plan is correct.
    I’m things about edit reg on SBS and Allow Replication With Divergent and Corrupt Partner.
    Is there anything that I should try before?
    Best Regards

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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