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    When we implemented a clean build of server 2003 in our UK office, and a clean build out in our foreign offices, we had to learn everything ourselves, and various contractors we had to help told us contradicting strategies.

    Just to confirm,

    UK – Parent
    Thailand – Child
    Australia – Child

    In DNS of UK I have set up forwarders to our ISP (all other DNS Domains), and have created a delegation for Thailand, and one for Australia.

    Do I need to do the delegations if DNS is replicated to all DNS Servers in the forest?
    I have set this up on each DNS server, thus each server has 3 forward lookup zones (UK.Company.local, Thai.Company.local, Aus.Company.local) and 3 reverse lookup zones (192.168.10.x , 192.168.15.x , 192.168.17.x)
    In each DNS child I have set up forwarders to their ISP (all other DNS Domains), but not configured one for the parent domain.

    We are having intermittent problems with our replication between sites, and I am not sure whether it is a DNS issue or something on the VPN links…

    This post is for someone to confirm whether I have got DNS set up correctly, or if not, what the best way to do it is.

    I have searched on the internet for various resources, and I am currently studying towards MCSE (currently @ MCSA level) yet all documentation I come across does not show a “fixed” way to setting up AD over international sites…..

    PS This forum is great, and brings together a lot of knowledge. This is now my first port of call for technical issues.
    Keep up the good work.


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