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    We have a Exchange 2010 install on a Server 2008 r2 os, when it was originally set up around 3 months ago OWA/Activesync wasn’t setup.

    Tried connection an iphone, it was able to see the mailbox headers but not send or download full emails. So i used the website to do a quick check.

    Turns out there is a mismatch with the certificate, we’re currently using a self-signed one and i don’t think the correct external domain information was entered so i decided to create a new self-signed certificate.

    I’ve installed the CA on the server 08 r2 os then started the wizard on the exchange server to create a new certificate request. Copied the resulting file contents on the CA website which then completed the certificate requestion. Going back to exchange i completed the certificate process, all went ok so i hit finish. The certificate i just created and completed just dissappeared!

    I have no idea why this is happening and is driving me crazy!!

    PS: i know it’s best pratice to have a 3rd certificate, it’s just not going to happen at the moment. I know activesync should work with a self signed certificate.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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