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    Hi there,

    I have been having some issues appearing recently on one of my domain controllers and before proceeding I wanted to check with some other people who might have had/resolved the issue before.

    The issue is that I have 2 Domain controllers, lets call them DC1 and DC2. I have noticed that things I do on DC1 do not immediately replicate onto DC2. If I go onto the AD Sites and Services then into NTDS settings and try manually replicate from DC1 to DC2 I get “The replication operation encountered a database error”.

    Replicating back the other way from DC2 to DC1 works fine.

    If I look at the logs on DC1 there are no errors. If I look on the logs on DC2 I get Errors like 1084 and 2108 as well as a rather ominous 467 “Database Corruption” error.

    Now those errors point me to a technet article ( where I have to try offline defragmentation of the active directory database, repadmin to rehost the affected partition or to remove it as a global catalog server and then readd it. And failing all that use Ntdsutil.exe

    Now there were 2 things i was wondering. Firstly, as it is having problems replicating from DC1 and that is the one that takes ages to replicate, if it does at all, then surely that would be the problematic database? Or is it a case of the server with the errors needs all this doing to it?

    And Secondly, if this doesn’t work, or even if this might be a quicker solution. Could I not just restore the server image from the working server onto a new box and change all the necessary configs/settings to make it appear as it is the other non-working server, then just remove the current non working server and put in my newly restored and reconfigured 2nd server? Or would that not even work?

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