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Action Pack Project

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    Just becaome an MCP and would like to further my skills. I have the Microsoft Action Pack and would like to install all of it on a separate 500GB drive on an XP desktop. My questions are as follows:

    – How can I install Server 2003 so that it runs simultaneously with XP?
    – How can I configure so that outsiders can connect to only one portion of the drive that contains software such as SharePoint, Communications Server, etc. I want to run a secure webserver as well. Not the world… just those with accounts

    – How can I obtain maximum security since I am connected to the internet through a DSL connection. I have a small business firewall by Symantec but want to know if good security can be established through software. VPN should be a good option but I seek the advice of those more experienced.

    Much thanks for guidance from informed parties.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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