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    Hello, everyone.
    I have 2 servers in cluster.These servers are DNS of themselfs.
    I’m using remote desktop to manage these servers.
    The problem is that I have access only to SRV1 and to the Cluster only if SRV1 is “owner”.
    When I’m trying to access via remote desktop SRV2- it seems like server accept my username and password, but after couple of seconds I get alert that “access is denied”.
    The same situation occures when I’m trying to access Cluster when SRV2 is “owner”.

    I tryed to:
    1. check the registry on SRV2 ->remote desktop is enabled.
    2. tryed to use “dsc.msa”. dragged SRV2 from the “Domain controllers” to Computers, then – gpupdate /force, restars to SRV2, and then dragg is back to “Domain Controllers”…..
    And the same situation.

    I don’t know what to do.
    The system is abroad.


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