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    I don’t know if anyone else has done any HTML/Bootstrap scripting but you guys are generally fairly helpful so …

    This isn’t a technical question as such, more a request for opinions … I’ve been asked to build a website for someone which is fine but, on the advice of a friend, I have been mucking about with Bootstrap 4 quite a bit and I’m beginning to get to grips with it, even to like it, but I’m also starting to wonder if it is really the way to go? It just seems so … well … static as I’m not sure I can directly access data using Bootstrap.

    I mean I get that BS4 is very flexible display-wise and adapts easily to phone screens as well as large screens but it seems to be purely a display system. I came to this conclusion when I was reviewing the pagination “command” and realised that they were fixed which essentially meant that (assuming say 5 articles per page) in order to add an article I would have to adjust where the pagination was across a [potentially] large number of pages and, I suppose, that page 2 (3,4, 5 …) would have to be separate in some way. If I am correct, that seems like one helluva lot of work and the bigger the site the more work it will involve each time.

    Until recently, I have been using Joomla which also appears to scale (given the right template) but is database driven which means I add an article and the whole system adjusts accordingly. My biggest problem with Joomla is that everything appears to cost (and they’re not cheap) from templates right down to some extremely nifty functionality so you can get a limited freeware function or relatively expensive full function. And it’s not like they do a lot of stuff … they usually only perform some very specific function so to get all (or enough) whistles and bells, would cost a fair bit. That said, I’ve seen some BS4 templates and utilities which seem to follow the same business model.

    So yeah, I’m after opinions … I suppose the question if there was one, would be to put yourself in my shoes and ask yourself what you would use? I think this place is built on WordPress (correct me if I’m wrong) but I’m not all that good with it, my web expertise lies in raw HTML (throw in a bit of CSS) and Joomla really.


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