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    I have 1 server 2003SBS DC/Exchange;
    5 years ago I installed a MsWindows2003 Server Std, add to my domain SBS and i promote to additional DC this server.
    I Install today a new server MsWindows2008R2 64 ent.ed., i install all MS update and add it to my SBS domain.
    I raise Domain Functional Leve and raise Forest Functional Level on my old server, then raise the Exchange Operational Mode.
    Then, using 2008R2 DVD i ran:
    adprep32 /forestprerp
    adrpep32 /domainprep
    adprep32 /domainprep /gpprep
    adprep32 /rodcprep on my old windows 2003SBS and 2003 server (all DC present) without erors displayed.
    With dsquery I checked objectVersion: 47
    When I try to do dcpromo on my new 2008R2 Server, it respond me to do domainprep /forestprep on my DC.
    I don’t know why.
    May you help me?
    Gian-Luca Tavelli

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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