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    Hello everyone I’m building 2 * 2008r2 servers with hyper-v for testing, learning and experimenting with 2008 and 2008r servers, My main concern is the amount of memory in each of them; each server will run the 2008r2 parent , 2 vm with 2008 or 2008r2 ( some with Exchange ) and also a Windows 7 Pro for use a client. So how much memory I should allow to each of the parent, and the VM OS, I don’T want run on bare minimum but I don’T need something to run 10,000 users, as I will be the only one, I want something confortable to play with.

    P.S. the 2 server are build on 6 cores AMD 1090t

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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