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Doable depends on what software you want to use. Look for software on

You really need to be a tech user with a lot of IT knowledge to troubleshoot lots of problems yourself as older versions of software will not have any official support (maybe community but it is still a challenge). Microsoft are covertly pruning valuable downloads and knowledge based articles so I find it harder to fix old known OS problems only because they deleted the solution.

If your not needing to get to any Internet websites any old software that runs to do local tasks could be used eg game, old word processing, local printing on an older supported printer that would work if you have the software. The most useful feature is having a browser that works reasonably well even though you should not do this, for me, I do not see a problem because I am ONLY looking at SAFE sites like wikipedia, product support site etc. Mircosoft’s browsers / Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox no longer support Win2K in latest versions, so your going to be using an old release. A lot of websites are not going to allow older https connections, and this will be an increasing problem with older browsers as web sites drop TLS 1.0 support. I find this problem increasing for XP SP3 – I barely get by with Chrome 49.0.2623.112 + Firefox 52.9 (I find it crashes more than any version I have previously used).

Side Notes:
In theory WIN10 could run on Pentium 4’s “J” processors, circa 2004, but Pentium 3 (circa 2003) or earlier are not NX capable cpu core, so no choice for a supported Windows OS.

I was pleasantly surprised to get Zoom meetings running on a Vista system – I currently have Vista and XP systems. XP systems and WIN2K are share the above issues I mentioned. Just bought my first win10 licence as it is on special this month because a lot of stuff I want to try is win10 only. Win2K and XP shared a lot of features and issues of course :-)

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