xcacls.vbs For 1000 users

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    I’m using W2K3 Server Standard Edition up to date with service packs and windows updates, the server is part of a domain as a member server.
    I want to be able to accomplish xcacls.vbs For 1000 users.
    I know how to do it for 1 user:
    xcacls.vbs c:burn /g HAYESjhayes:f /f /t /e this will give full control to jhayes on all the files within c:burn.
    xcacls.vbs c:burn /g HAYESjhayes:f /s It grants jhayes full control on all subfolders under C:burn.

    Is there a way of implementing this for a 1000 users ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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