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WSUS, WDS or SCCM on hyper-v?

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    Hi all,

    i’m in the midst of migrating our existing servers, both physical and virtual to a new beefy ML370 running 2008 Enterprise R2 (with hyper-v).
    Currently i have a hyper-v instance that runs WSUS, which seems to work fine.
    I recently installed WDS on another vm and had a very limited play on it.
    I have also downloaded and installed the SCCM 2012 beta2 VHD onto a testserver.

    1. WSUS seems to work without me having to know a great deal about it, but only does MS updates
    2. WDS – i’ve only played with when thinking of deploying an image across 23 desktops (never bothered in the end), so still unducated with it.
    3. Took one look at SCCM and realised i was way out of my depth, especially as my IT support company don’t really have any experience with it, so i’d be flying blind.

    Question is, although i’m not lazy and would relish the learning curve, i simply don’t have time in my job to study and learn from scratch something so ‘seemingly’ massive as SCCM. Yet it seems like the right one to go for(?)

    Can you guys give me some advice as to what you’d suggest using please?

    We have approx, 7 servers, 30 desktops and 30 laptops across the business. There are quite a lot of installs that need to be deployed to each client but GPO just doesn’t seem to work for most of them. In fact some software isn”t native .msi, so i used EXE>MSI converter and they still don’t work.

    Does WDS take care of MS updates and software deployment? And is SCCM just a bigger, better version of WDS?

    Any and all advice would be most appreciated, thanks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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