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    Hi All

    I have WSUS installed on a win 2003 server and am pleased to report that in the main my client workstations update fine however my problem lies with our student laptops.

    These laptops are managed through gpo’s on our domain and I have configured various settings relating to windows updates which all work fine. I have partitioned the hard disk into two drives (c: & d and through group policy have denied access to the C: drive, for obvious reasons leaving the d: drive unrestricted. The idea being that the d: drive can be used as a common area for work at home or when connected to the network.

    My problem / annoyance is this every time a windows update is performed the installation log file is saved to the root of d: drive and not on the c: drive in the appropriate folder thus confusing students and cluttering up the drive.

    I have removed the d: partition and the log file is then saved to the root of c: drive so I don’t think I have a permissions problem.

    Firstly where should these log files be saved and can I force updates via WSUS to save in correct location, if not can I disable logging? I have messed around with the logging option in both computer and user setting in group policy to no avail!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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