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    Hi all,
    apologies, i didn’t know what category this may fit into.

    I’m about a deploy 30 WP8 handsets across our business. They will use EAS policy, but to enable our users to backup to skydrive and share data etc, a microsoft (live) account is required.
    Having set one up for myself and tested it, not extensively but i’m happy with it so far, i’m now faced with a dilemma;

    Do i have to setup a MS account for every WP8 user? Or is there such a thing as a business account whereby we use one single account that acts as a kind of umbrella for maybe sub-accounts within it? If that makes any sense.
    My understanding of it is that MS accounts seem like a consumer based account, asking for age, gender etc etc.
    One global account would be great, but then i guess when using skydrive everyone will be able to see everything that’s on every phone (which can’t happen) as everyone will be logged into the same account.

    Without me going in circles trying to explain further (and possibly failing), if you understand my dilemma, i’d appreciate any advise you guys have.

    Thanks. :-)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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