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    So we are migrating from an old domain, to a new one that will be in a Virtual hyper-v environment. To free up hardware resources and make the migration easier, I am trying to virtualise the current servers. So I need to setup a trust between the domains, lets call them dom1 and dom2. This is done and works as expected. This is however were the problem then starts;

    On the main DC in dom1, running server 2k3 std. and a few misc roles (file,print,etc) its fine and I can do everything I need to, connecting via dom2.

    On the second DC, running server 2k3 std. and few other roles (dns,dhcp,exchange,etc) I get an access denied message from dom2.

    With various troubleshooting guides I end up at WMI management. Again DC1 is fine and i can connect from a server in dom2. dc2 however again shows an access denied message when trying to connect from dom2 via wmi manager.

    This has brought our project to a halt as i really need to get those old servers virtualised before I can proceed.

    (new servers running server 2k8 ent 64, running in VM’s via hyper-v on a core install, if that matters, tho i suspect it doesn’t, as it connects to one server fine)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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