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    We’ve got an FVS318N firewall, connected to Telstra ADSL2+ internet. The same issue has occurred with TPG internet, so I don’t think it’s an internet issue.

    We have 5 wireless clients and no wired clients.
    We have a fairly simple, straight forward setup with 1 vlan, 192.168.0.x subnet.
    Internet access is bridged to the FVS318 via.. i forget what sort of modem.

    We’re seeing intermittent, but regular dropouts of the wireless.
    By which I mean, the computers are connected to the wireless network, but cannot see the internet. Cannot route, cannot ping.
    From outside the network, I’m able to connect to the public web interface of the FVS318 and everything seems quite happy and fine. So I know there’s definitely not an issue with the internet dropping out.

    The only thing so far that seems to resolve the issue is restarting the FVS318. Just disabling and re-enabling the wireless profile hasn’t seemed to help.

    Enduser is understandably frustrated with this device.

    The loss of internet connection happens on all of the devices. Sometimes they can see other internal wireless devices, sometimes not.

    The issue only seems to affect wireless clients – for test purposes, i connected one device to both wired and wireless and when the wireless dropped out, the device was still accessible via it’s wired IP. (I can see the devices on my remote management system)

    I’ve upgraded the firewall to the latest firmware.. Netgear will do an RMA for me, but I’m hoping to find a simpler option because I don’t know this will fix it.

    (For interests sake, same client previously had a different device that seemed to exhibit similar behaviour.. but there’s nothing in what the endusers are doing that I can correlate to somehting like this. They don’t torrent, they don’t have malware infections, there’s nothing internally that should be a problem – it’s a fairly low-utilised network.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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