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    I have never bothered with using Wireless connection to a router since I only use desktop PCs, never a laptop and then expect to be able to go online anywhere in the house. Instead I use Ethernet cables. But I do have a number of dongles one clearly marked as USB 2.0 so I suppose they are all capable of picking up signals from my router only a few feet away.

    Would I need to install the software from each of the CDs supplied with each dongle or is it likely this 64 bit Windows 7 will have inbuilt software to recognise all dongles?

    Is it likely some dongles only work on 32 bit Windows?

    Do I need to unplug the Ethernet cable to the Router to avoid confusion when plugging in a dongle?

    What exactly will the PC ask me to enter when I plug in a Dongle?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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