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    So I am experimenting using Windows File Backup which, by and large, seems fairly competent.

    My problem with it is that it is automated and it seems I can only backup to an accessible drive so, for example, my D: drive. That works AOK except that I want to keep my backups offline … in other words I want to connect my backup drive ONLY when the backup is happening and preferably run the backup manually. This is something I can do/have done using a Python script which I use to create a robocopy batch file and that works very well but, being in the home computer support business, I would prefer to use something already available (I’m doing a presentation on backups for home users this Wednesday).

    Does anyone know how to run Windows file backup manually? By that I don’t just mean switch it on so it can run when it wants to, I mean switch it on and make it start at the behest (perhaps) of a batch file so I can connect a drive first then disconnect it after.

    An alternative might be to have the backup target as a URL or similar.

    Thanks :)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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