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    Hi everyone…

    I’ll try not to write more than the necessary. I’m working on a Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Ed. I usually lock out the server when I step away of it (Win + L). I did it for last time three days ago, when it came back to my place and typed my password it just didn’t work.

    So, I tried to solve the problem by myself witouht success. I resorted to I went trought all the procces and they sent me my password wich was different from the one I usually use. Well, the point is that I tried to loggin on my “Administrator” accout with the password the sent me and it DINDN’T work!!!

    The next thing I did was to change (blank) the password with the Petter’s Nordahl-Hagen script and the only problem seems to be that the script always mount my NTFS partition in read-olny mode so I can’t save any of the changes. I’ve already read the FAQ section and he mention about this problem just to run CHKDSK and then try again. The problem is always the same, I just can access in read-only mode.

    It is supposed that I have the right password (the one from loginrecovery) and I notticed when I was trying to blank the password that the Administrator accout has a label like : *, *disabled or locked*. I guess my problem is that the account is locked, so even if I type the right password it just doesn’t work.

    Many thks for you help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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