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    I have in my business two sites in two locations.
    in the main site (let’s call it site 1) there is the PDC with 2003 OS and exchange. on the other site (site 2) i installed another 2003 server and i want to create another domain (child domain) that will be connected to the forest on site 1 and of course to create mailboxes to the users on site 2.

    I understand that the best and “cheapest” way to do it is to configure VPN between sites on RAS. (I have a router with VPN Pass through on site 1)

    My question is: How should i configure it in ths servers? because when the server on site 2 will load it won’t be connected to the PDC.

    Is there another way to do that?

    I will be gladd to know if there is a procedure.

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