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    I have a Tripp-Lite UPS (SMART 750 USB) and wish to plug in the power supply cord from all of my equipment into it. I have computer, monitor, modem, router, and deskjet printer plus a couple of external hard drives all connected to surge suppressor power strips connected together into one power strip that plugs into a wall outlet. I wish to plug the UPS into the wall outlet and the cord from the equipment into the UPS.

    What concerns me is a statement in the Tripp-Lite owners manual which says “Do not connect surge suppressors or extension cords to the output of the UPS. This may damage the UPS and will void the surge suppressor and UPS warranties.”

    I do not care much about the warranties but just what damage will occurr if I plug my power strips (that each have surge suppressors) into my Tripp-Lite?

    Capacity is not an issue, but I want to connect this thing right away. Thanks in advance for your help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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