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    I do hope someone can help me. My situation is this.
    I have built a new W2K3 server, installed all of the patches, hotfixes and other downloads from Microsoft. As a Stand-alone server, I can connect to any share on my Domain and run any type of application.

    After I join the server to the domain, I successfully log in and try to execute an application from any of the shares, I receive an error. The applications fail to run and I recieve an error stating that Access is denied due to invalid path or permissions.

    I am a Domain Admin and an Enterprise Admin so I know it is not an issue with permissions. If I remove the server from the domain, I can then connect to the same share and successfully execute the same application.

    I appreciate all the help I can get and Thank you in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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