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    I have a Win 2003 SBS server. Someone else did the initial install and did not install Certificate Services at the beginning.

    Other applications have been installed since then, including SQL 2005 (upon which a legal office management program runs) and Win2003SP2.

    When I go to add Cert Services, it begins normally but then when it gets to copying necessary files it pops up and says it can’t copy this file and that file (a whole bunch of them) and asks me to browse for the correct location or insert the CD with Service Pack 2.

    Here’s the problem – I browse to a location on the hard drive where the requested file IS located and click RETRY but the window pops back up again saying the file cannot be copied. (the location was under C:WINNTSERVICEPACKFILES )

    When you install SP2, you download an EXE file from SUPPORT.MICROSOFT.COM and it self-unpacks and installs when you run it. It unpacks into a temporary directory. If you download the ISO file and create a Service Pack 2 CD, it contains the very same EXE file that you would have downloaded and run.

    I tried catching the needed files under the temporary I386 directory that is created as well. I got the same response.

    I thought of trying to install Cert Services by first rolling back from Service Pack 2, but if I do that there are a LOT of services listed that will be affected and may not run if I delete SP2 in order to do this. Some of those services are used by SQL 2005 and the legal office management program I mentioned. If I did that I might hose the entire server and find myself trying to do a restore of the entire server and all the programs – not something I want to do.

    Any ideas on how to get Certificate Services to install?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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