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    Hi Everyone,

    Currently setting up UltraVNC SC to use for support. Each Technician will have their own port on our Cybergaurd 560 that is forwarded to their reserved IP. This works fine for techs in the office but we have techs that are onsite that need to use SC.

    The solution i thought for this is to forward the onsite techs port to a static VPN IP. When i have gone to test this, i get this error on the viewer end:

    “Connection failed: Error reading Protocol Version

    Possible causes:
    – ….. DSMPlugin
    – ….. Viewer and server version
    – ….. Bad connection “

    I am not using the DSMPlugin yet (encryption) as im still in testing stage. The viewer and server versions are the latest. And finally the connection must be OK as im getting the error on the other end!

    We are using PPTP VPN’s under Windows XP.

    Any help much appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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