Two sets of unallocated space on HD will not combine.

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    Here is a real noodle scratcher.

    New physical server with 18TB of space in a single RAID 6 array. It came without an OS and blank drives so I used the W2012 Storage Server R2 install media and formatted 200 GB of space for the OS install leaving the rest of the space unallocated for the storage space.

    After a successful OS install, I logged onto Windows and went into Disk Manager to format the rest of the unallocated space into one large partition for use. There I saw the two unallocated spaces side-by-side. Did the following:

    Formatted the smaller partition and tried to expand it. No joy. Option to expand is grayed out

    Downloaded AOMEI Partition Assistant and it shows a single 18TB unallocated block, but when I use that program to create a partition it only lets me do one 1.81TB in size and I cannot expand it after. It does not see the second 16TB block at all it seems.

    If I right-click on the second 16TB block through Windows Disk Manager all options are grayed out.

    Before anyone says to format and reinstall, I already did, after wiping out all partitions, Windows saw one continuous block of unallocated space for 18TB. Same thing happened after installing W2012.

    Screenshot attached below showing the issue through a few programs.

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