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    I’m currently looking for some helpdesk based software. Ideally, what I want is follows:

    Ticket assignment to engineers (just me for now!)
    ability for clients to log their own issues via email
    email updates, so i update the ticket, it updates the client. if the client responds to the email, it updates the ticket.
    cmdb integration where possible – doesn’t matter if it’s data that’s entered separately.
    obviously, customer records by company, and by individual and rleevant search portals.

    what i’m most interested in, is automatic time tracking when a ticket is opened and worked on. Don’t mind if it’s windows or linux based.. and don’t mind if I have to find a bolt-on for ticket-timing, but ticket timing is really most important to me.. as I can then generate that time out to billing.

    I know netsuite does what I want (and is in fact, a fairly full on-crm) but It’s going to be wayy too expensive for my budget which is, admittedly, low.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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