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    Afternoon all,

    I have never touched one before and so far all I have done is configured a rdp session. I would like to know things like what are the limitation’s of using a thin client? Is it easy to install programs on them etc.

    We currently use a normal desktop with danware netop remote control on it so we can connect to each client. Now we will be using thin clients and they will connect to a ts session. We used to use a program called BGinfo which is brilliant at giving network info. We used this as a background so all users could tell us the ip and we could connect and away we went. I would like use a similar thing on the thin clients but not on the ts session as every one’s ip would show the ts server. Has anyone done this before?

    What is your overall impression of them?

    I currently have a HP T5520 with ce on it which i am using to test.

    No rush on this i am just getting to grips with them.

    Many thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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