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    I had a computer account that was having a policy applied to it called, lets say “GPO1”. This GPO has 2 wireless network profiles setup in it. Now I create a new OU with a new GPO applied to the OU only, lets say “GPO2” with one wireless network profile. I move a computer account from another OU that had GPO1 applied to it to my new OU which has GPO2 applied to it. The laptop PC that is in the new OU with GPO2 still has settings from GPO1, and the wireless networks of GPO1 have a precedence of 1 and the new GPO2 wireless networks have a precedence of 2, so the laptop PC will never join my new wireless networks first since the precedence is 2. How can this be fixed? GPO1 is applied at the domain level and GPO2 is applied at the OU level. I am blocking inheritance on the new OU. Is my only option to reimage this laptop with a fresh install of windows 7, or is there a way I can set the computer policies back to default?

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