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    I have a user that has a windows 7 pro machine on our domain with a home directory on a server 2003. when they are at a remote location they log into a server 2003 terminal server for a full desktop. From both the windows 7 and their remote desktop session there is a mapped drive to their home directory.
    The complaint is that she is not seeing all her files in her home directory from her terminal session. I had her log into a terminal session from her windows 7 machine and opened the same directory from windows 7 and the terminal session and there were more files visible from the windows 7.
    I than logged into the data server, as domain administrator, where this directory is located and I am unable to view these extra files.
    I went to the users window 7 machine opened a RDP session with the users credentials,. I opened a window to the mapped home folder on both the windows 7 machine and the RDP session. From the windows 7 machine I created a word file and saved it to the mapped home folder, from the win 7 I saw the file appear, in the RDP session a tmp file was created when the word app was closed the tmp file was removed but no word file visible.
    I don’t know if this is significant but when I browse to the share where all my user home folders are located the user folder icon is different than the others I have attached a picture, her folder is tcarterconway. I see this icon on 3 other user folders. The other 2 users also use window 7 machines I have other users with windows 7 machine and they have the standard folder icon. Any ideas?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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