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    I have had the worst week ever. The time taken to setup a WS2008 box as a DC/AD/DNS and a couple of virtual machines PLUS trying to restore back all my files/data for a HDD that unfortunately died on me. such a pain and so very little sleep.

    I spent over 27 hours trying to get NAP work – I fail at this and no idea where to go. PLEASE HELP.

    OK, I have a router which is my internet router and DHCP is enabled.
    After much headache, I was able to get my virtual machine to see my main computer (WS2008) as a domain. I had to however change the DNS on the WS2008 to point to itself. no problem, done, and computer is added to the domain.

    I enabled NAP service in Windows 7/Vista.
    I disabled the firewall.

    on WS2008 I installed NAP, tried to create a policy where a complaint computer is where only Windows firewall is switched on. I also made a noncompliant policy where access is denied if they do not have windows firewall enabled.

    This however does not seem to work as expected. watching some videos online/pictures, I would expect to see a balloon notification on the client (Win7/Vista) to say that the computer is not complaint with the network, I would then also see it enable the firewall automatically – this never happens. everything continues as normal.

    Where am I going wrong? Please can some one give me a step by step detail on how to make NAP/NPS work properly as I have other things I need to do for NAP but cannot even get it up and running
    Thank-you for your time

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