Server 2003 Problems!!

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    Ladies and Gentlmen,
    Once again im having problems with out network.

    Were running server 2003, most of the boxes are XP and some are 2000. The errors that are showing up in the error log are as follows.

    System Errors
    These are the number 1 errors on the systems. I think there was around 30 of them in the log for just today.
    Other errors are


    The Problem that were having is that random computers are loosing the trust to the domain and the computer name HAS to be change to get them back on. I know some GPO’s have been applied. I dont know exactly what. Im in the Army over in Afghanistan. SO there are contollers above us and they wont tell us anything. Nor do they know what the problem is. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks in advanced

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