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Send and Receive Problem

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    I am running Outlook 2003 SP2 on an XP SP2 machine. I have had this working successfully for 4 years. Now, I cannot send or receive to my gmail account. I either get ‘0x8004210A Operation timed out…’ or ‘0x800CCC15 Unable to connect to network…’ error messages on both send and receive. Trying ‘Test Account Settings’ I get ‘Establishing Network Connection’, then ‘Finding outgoing mail server (SMTP) canceled’ and ‘Finding incoming mail server Canceled’.

    I can Telnet to my servers ( and OK. I can use the account just fine from another computer on my same home wireless network. Setups are identical and I have copied the known-good OL configuration files to the non-working machine withour any change. I have done the usual remove/reinstall OL, set up new profile, try new .pst file, etc. to no avail. I have worked with the Google folks, sending them screenshots of my settings, error messages, etc., running diagnostic tests, etc., they have given up.

    I would appreciate any help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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