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    At a customer site I have a SBS2003R2 server on this server there is phone software installed which allows programming of the Panasonic PABX which is connected via USB. I have a user account configured that has is a member of SBS Remote Operators, that allows the phone company to login and configure phone system. This works all OK.

    The customer opened a second office, so we configure a Windows 2003R2 server as an additional DC on the domain and then located at the 2nd site, both sites are linked via a IPsec Sonicwall VPN. All networking works OK. However the 2nd site has again a Panasonic PABX which is connected via USB and the phone software installed. When the phone company account tries and logs in to that second server, they receive the following error:

    To log on this remote computer, you must be granted the Allow log on through Terminal Services Right……..

    I have checked on the 2nd server that SBS Remote Operators have remote desktop access, and that under Terminal Services configuration DOMAINRemote Desktop Users have access (SBS Remote Operators is a member of Remote Desktop Users).

    Any ideas why this user cannot RDP to this 2nd DC? I really would like to avoid raising the user priviledges to Domain Admins.

    Any help appreciated!!!

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