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    ****I solved the problem, there was 2 faulty lines inside of the cat5 cable. just used two others instead.

    Im having trouble setting up my house. I have read a few posts and “how-tos” online to get this accomplished.

    This forum doesnt allow me at add pictures or post links since im new so please goto the following site for the diagram I have put together. /images/wiring%20diagrm.jpg
    (By the way all underlined sentences are web addresses without the “http”, so make sure you add that make sure you loose the 2 spaces after as well.)
    I will also explain it here. Ultimately I want to accomplish running ethernet and phone over 1 cat5 cable.

    This is how I have it(Please refer to the diagram):

    The central cabling area in my house has all cat5 cables ends that are disbursed to various rooms and 1 that is going out to the Qwest box out side.

    When Qwest came to set up the system they took two wires(blue & blue/white) from the cable coming from the outside and attached them to two wires(blue & Blue/white) that are going to my living room, where the Actiontec dsl modem is.

    In the outlet in the living room, I have taken those two cables(blue & blue/white)and attached them to an rj11 jack and phone is taking the signal to the dsl modem. **This works fine there is no issue here**.

    I plug an ehternet cable into the modem/router and want to send the signal back to the outlet. Aside from the rj11 outlet I have cable and rj45 jack. In the rj45 jack I am using 4 of the 6 left over wires since the blue and blue/white cables are being occupied by the phone or Qwest signal. The wire colors that Im using are Orange, Orange/White, Green, & Green White. These wires are going through the same cat5 cable as the blue and white wires all the way back to the central cabling area in the house.

    In that central area I take those 4 wires(Orange, Orange/White, Green, & Green White) and attach them to another cat5 cable’s Orange, Orange/White, Green, & Green White wires that is being sent to another room in the house. In the other room I have only 4 wires connected to the rj45 jack. which again are the Orange, Orange/White, Green, & Green White wires.

    When I take an ethernet cable and plug it into the computer there is nothing.

    Where am I going wrong?

    Things that I have though of:
    1. The rj45 jacks are not the correct ones – They say cat5e+ and maybe I only cat5 cable. I know the + doesnt mean much, it is just for marketing purposes.
    The brand name and wiring guide for these is located here:
    wirings digram download:
    2. Do I need attached all lines to the jack regardless if it isnt connected at the other end(for example the blue and blue white wires and even the brown wires)
    3. Ive tried wiring the jacks with with the 568A and 568B
    4. Ive done a line test with a tone tester. Coming from the bedroom to the central cable area the tone is really strong. Coming from the living room, the tone is extremely faint. However it is farther than the room to the central cable area.

    If anyone can help that would be great. Sorry for the novel.

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