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    hi all, I’m new on this forum :)
    here is what is troubling me.

    I have a workgroup which has 8 XP-sp1 computers and 1 win2k3 server (Standard edition). in this server I have 2 NIC (one for the local network and the second NIC is for wireless broadband internet (dynamic IP assigned by DHCP of ISP, this connection is always active). I also have a ISDN modem in that server.
    ok, now :) for easier understanding of my problem let’s call my wireless broadband Internet Service Provider – ISPw, and the other provider (through ISDN) – ISPi.

    i have a mailserver (not exchange) on win2k3 that collects mail from my user mail clients and then connects to (every 30 minutes) to mail servers (pop3 and smtp) on ISPi to send/recieve mail.
    here comes the problem…
    when mailserver tries to connect to ISPi mail servers, those mail servers reject connection because he tried to connect from ISPw address, not from ISPi address.
    when I disable NIC which connects me to ISPw everything is working fine.
    i tried to set outbound filters in RRAS on my wireless connection to disable any trafic on ports 110 and 25. then i tried again. no luck…everytime when both connections are active, mail server tries to connect from ISPw IP.
    i also tried telnet…same result…he cannot connect to mail servers when both connections are active…when i disable ISPw….telnet works.


    p.s. if anyone undrerstood what I wrote here I owe him a beer :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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