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    I have OWA set up & working with a self provided SSL Cert. No issues logging in. I am trying to set up Outlook using RPC/HTTP and cannot get the server to connect. When I am on the LAN, I connect using TCP but not RPC (checked using the ctrl/rightclick/connections).

    I can authenticate into all other default websites on IIS6 (Exchweb/Certsrv) but cannot seem to get past the RPC site. When attempting to go to https://mail.servername.com/rpc I go directly to the user authentication (certs are installed already-locally) and cannot get past it using the standard domainusername.

    The RPC server/site is set for SSL and basic authentication with the root site set for basic & no SSL.

    Any ideas, this one is about to get me fired! :lol:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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