Restore/Replication Issue

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    We had restored DC1 from last week data. DC2 is the replication parter of DC1. The replication was in progress, all of a sudden DC2 had some hardware issue which needed some attenation. So we decided to pull the uptodate data from other DC which is DC3, deleted the CO’s (connection object) between DC1 and DC2 (both CO’s). Now tried to create CO between DC1 and DC3, Even after forcing the replication nothing progrossed/happened between these two why? . After few hours DC2 hardware issue was fixed and replication started to occur between DC1 and DC2 without any CO’c :shock: How?

    So my question is why the DC1 and DC3 are not replicated?
    why DC1 and DC2 is alone replicating even after removing the CO’s?
    Is there any chance of site-link does magic here? becoz we didnt touch the sitelink…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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